2019 sUMMER class registrations are now available

for the season

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In order to provide the best quality instruction, our camps are organized according to your young golfer’s past experience in The First Tee program. Lil’ Swingers caters to the young golfer (ages 4-6) and provides the basic for the beginning golfer. PLAYer level is the starting point for all first time participants (ages 7-18). After certifying at the PLAYer level, young golfers are encouraged to continue with The First Tee experience by attending PAR level classes. After certifying at the Par, young golfers are encouraged to continue with The First Tee experience by attending Birdie level classes.

TARGET is designed as an introduction to The First Tee Life Skills Experience by introducing young people to golf in a safe environment that promotes curiosity about the game while integrating essential links between golf and life skills seamlessly.

If your school is not using the National School Program (NSP), please let us know so that we can reach out to those educators and find a way to bring it your school.

2019 sUMMER registration tips

We are continuing to use the same on-line registration we have in past years. Click on the link under “Program Number” to be taken to Prince William County Parks & Recreation registration system. We are hosting more classes than ever before, and have even added classes due to the increase in student enrollment. If you have questions or comments, please contact The First Tee of PWC at (703) 792-8064 or tftpwc@pwcgov.org. Due to popular demand our programming is now available at Lake Ridge Golf Course, Forest Greens Golf Club, General’s Ridge Golf Course, and Prince William Golf Course.

For you Scouts (Boys & Girls) out there looking to add a merit badge or patch, we have an instructor on staff that is certified to handle those needs. For further questions or how to schedule a class, please call Kelly Wilbanks at 703-792-8072.

If you are interested in applying your life skills and taking your golf game to another level, we have access to some great instructors that can help in preparing for your next challenge.  We also have a summer developmental tournament series, The Metro Tour, aimed at gaining confidence and experience.  Feel free to call with any questions, and we know you will enjoy the year with us.

Thank you for all of your support and let’s go golfing ! ! !